Our standard building system has proved successful many times over with its use by inspired homeowners with a wide range of building skills and experience. We hope to share more of their personal triumphant stories soon.

We've also been witnessing a trend in our customers, as well as the building industry as a whole, in the request for smaller, more efficient living spaces. Reasons vary, from construction affordability to ease of maintenence to an intentional move to simplicity.

As a response, we are now offering our designs and kits in a 16 foot wide format, in addition to the standard 20 foot wide that we've been manufacturing. This works particularly well for homes less than 500 square feet and still retains enough southern exposure for passive solar heating when desired.



# Havilah Kornhaber 2015-12-18 03:33
We are looking to build in north Colorado, and have had Deltec home referred to us. We really like the eco- modular idea, how do you compare to Deltec?

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