Our demonstration house is still for sale, and we found this posting on Upstater.com.


This eco-friendly listing (living room pictured above) came across our desk not too long ago, and we found it to be drool-worthy. Alas, it is only a spec house, and it’s located in Shelburne Falls, Massachusetts. There is good news, however: If you’re digging the look of this “modern, green homestead”, you can design your own with the company, Noble Homes, then they send you the kit and you build it yourself wherever you want (might we suggest the Hudson Valley or Catskills?). But what about eco-friendly homes that have already been built? As you probably know by now, there are plenty around here, and more are popping up on real estate markets everyday. We dug around and found just a taste of what’s available in the Upstater region. There’s this one in Tivoli and…well, we don’t want to ruin the surprise. You’ll just have to tune in to learn more.


# Karolina 2015-05-26 14:30
What's the price for your demonstration home? Can it be transplanted?
+1 # Noble Home 2015-06-01 01:23
The demonstration home is listed at $325k. You may see the listing here: http://www.rls2000.com/link/detail.asp?listingid=71587488&agentid=E0000WHM.

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