Kristen & Sean's kit in production Kristen & Sean's kit in production










Things are rolling right along in the shop and design studio. We've completed design on Kristen & Sean's home and have begun kit production. Beefed up insulation, strategic placement of the home on the lot, and smart design choices have all been used to keep projected energy use to a minimum. The kit will be shipping later this summer, stay tuned for photos of the construction!


And please welcome new owners to the spotlight, Dillon & Vanessa!




We're designing a 1600 square foot, 2 bedroom home for them only a few miles from our demonstration house. As artists- Dillon is a glassblower and Vanessa is a jewelry designer- they're thrilled to put their personal touches on their Noble Home. They've chosen to include lots of built-ins, an outdoor sauna, and a covered deck to best take advantage of their beautiful land. Like Kristen & Sean's project, passive solar heat is at the forefront here; south-facing glass will provide more than half of Dillon & Vanessa's heating needs. Here's what they have to say about choosing Noble Home:


“We were looking to buy a house for several years, and couldn’t find what we were looking for.

We wanted a home that was energy efficient, non toxic, and looked good! We saw a listing for the Demonstration house in Colrain for sale and fell in love with the house, but we wanted it in a more private location. Then we found out that we could build our own Noble Home! We plan to have lots of plants indoors to create a space that blends indoors and outdoors. We’re looking forward to living in a clean, cozy house!”


Check back for more updates!


Vanessa and Dillon's land







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