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Custom Noble Homes Become Reality

For nearly 10 years, Noble Home has been serving proactive owner-builders with an interest in ecological residential design, inspired by the landscape and a reduced carbon footprint. Noble Homes have all been designed with our unique building system which allows us to build based on economies of scale and engineering while retaining a structurally expressive and natural-feeling space.

There has been a growing interest among our customers in expanding beyond the design and dimensional requirements of our building system. So, we are venturing further into the creative design realm for those who desire or require a ground-up approach to their living space. Our extensive experience with kit-based building systems and custom architecture will now be utilized in new and dramatic ways, with few limits to architectural design. Our current models will still be available in their standard widths and lengths, but we will now offer Noble Home kits based on even more site-specific modern design.

The cost of these new kits will be on par with our current offerings. Additional design and engineering fees may apply depending on the design. Construction cost will be under the control of the customer, who can determine how geometrically complex they want their interior space to be and what leve of interior finishes they desire. As always, design creativity will be in strict accordance with project budgets, as a realistic approach is crucial to successful home construction.

If you are interested in pursuing a custom design for your Noble Home, please visit our contact page or call 413-623-3733.