Noble Gold Investments Reviews

Noble Gold Investments is a financial company based in Pasadena, California. Its main objective is to aid investors looking to purchase precious metals such as Gold, Silver, and Platinum. The company was solely built on maintaining and improving the value of their client’s wealth. The company has a well-experienced and robust team focused on evaluating and establishing tangible and profitable economic assets. Most investors work with Noble Global Investments to achieve long-term investing and, eventually, a stress-free retirement.

Noble Global Investments is convinced that the prosperous future in the financial field banks on precious metals and Gold IRAs. The global community has been facing economic issues that include an increase in the cost of consumer goods and an increase in national debt. On the other hand, there have been limited options of investments that are safe and guarantee good returns. However, Noble Global Investments insists that precious metals such as Gold and Silver can guard against a falling dollar, stock market declines, and possibly, a global economic shutdown.

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Consequently, the company heavily relies on exceptional customer service and satisfaction as the prime pillars of its operations and customer retention. Noble Global Investments brags of maintaining world-class professionalism and lack of irrelevant fees and system delays.

Noble Gold IRA Policies and Fees

Clients are the priority when it comes to Noble Global Investments. The company guides and accompanies the client through investing in precious metals, building retirement, and boosting Noble Gold IRA assets. This can only be achieved by effectively cutting costs. This also includes completing lower long-term investment costs. Noble Gold IRA is geared towards delivering the best value of precious stones to its clients.

Clients can benefit from some of the provisions allowed by the company. These include; fully covered set-up costs and all first-year fees for any account invested in precious metals. Clients are also assured of servicing and securing precious metals within a certified Noble Gold IRA depository within five days. The financial company also stretches its boundaries to offer long-term IRAs services without any charges. The clients can also enjoy personal assistance with the company’s financial advisors.

The Buyback Program

Clients are also provided with an alternative of liquidating their precious metal assets if they decide so. In liquidation of metal assets, the company refrains from charging nonsense prices. Financial advisors are keen to ensure that their clients get the correct value of their investments. On the other hand, Noble Gold then buys back the metals and guarantees a 24-hour reflection of funds in the customer’s account.

Recommendations on Storage of Precious Metals

Noble Gold insists on segregated allocation and storage when it comes to storing precious metals. This means that precious metals such as Gold and Silver should be stored and locked away in a private vault. This vault must have a fully insured precious metal depository. The company took up this measure as an additional layer of security and guaranteed that the metals handed over to the client upon retirement are the actual ones.

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One of the other guarantees made by the Noble Investments group is the quick delivery to the storage of precious metals. They have a lead time of only five days to deliver and store the precious metals.

Noble Gold Precious Metals

Noble Gold Precious Metals consist of various precious metals dealt with Noble Gold Investment group. They include; Gold, Silver, Platinum, and palladium. However, Noble Gold Investments insists and has aided out specific policies to ensure that assets must be managed by a third-party custodian as provided by the law.

Hence, the security of Gold and other precious metals is in line with the provisions of the IRA. These precious metals are also funded by a wide range of coins and bars approved by the IRA. Also, clients can now be assisted to roll over retirement accounts into precious metal IRAs without any transfer taxes or Noble Gold fees. Noble Gold precious metals are hence safe to invest and profit in.

There are a few easy steps involved in starting the journey to financial freedom at Noble Investments. The first step is to open an account, transfer funds into the account, and then select the metal to transfer to a safe depository with correct and informed advice. Consequently, Noble Gold Investments works closely with a pool of well-experienced retirement plan custodians to transfer and create additional value for funds and assets. Most of their coins and bars are insured by one of the world’s most profitable precious metal insurance companies, Lloyds of London.

There are relatively low Noble Gold fees annually for unlimited precious metals storage for clients. However, clients can add any amount of precious metals to storage with no Noble Gold Fees whatsoever.

Noble Gold Investments recommends that precious metals, including Gold and Silver belonging to US customers, be stored by the Delaware Depository Service Company. Since 1999, this depository service company has continuously provided a wide range of meta depository options for brokerage firms, banks, coin dealers, and other financial institutions.

Noble Gold Investments prefers this depository service for UUS clients. It offers round-the-clock surveillance, high-profile security, and monitoring and armored shipping of precious metals to their destinations. Consequently, Delaware Depository company also offers all-inclusive insurance worth $1 billion US dollars. This secures the company on the top list of most secure depositories on earth.

However, Noble Gold Investment customers outside the United States depository are directed to store their precious metals with the International Depository Services of Canada. This is another leading depository field based in Canada. It is approved; hence it will also qualify for an IRAA purchase. It is compared to storing precious metals in a safe deposit box in a bank. Owners of the metals are allowed to visit their metals any time they please. However, they cannot trade or change possession until they obtain an IRA approval.

Pros and Cons of working with Noble Gold Investments


  • The company ensures first delivery and storage of precious metals

Clients are ensured that upon request or liquidation f their precious metals, they will only have to wait for 24 hours until their funds reflect on their accounts. If they decide to purchase metals, it will reflect in their IRA accounts in record time after approval.

  • Dedicated Custodian Managers

Noble Gold investments are heavily invested in customer service relations and satisfaction. The company has trained highly skilled and experienced custodian managers to help guide and advise clients on the best actions to take. This plays a massive role in the success of trade and the purchase of precious metals.

  • Zero Complaints

Noble Gold has not received any complaints of misconduct or breach of agreements between its clients. This is a clear sign that the company has an exceptional customer service and appropriate working structures. This is to ensure that clients have stress-free retirements and more excellent value for their wealth.


  • The firm is relatively new in the company

Noble Gold is relatively new in the market. However, with its track record as a start-up company, the future looks promising. The company consists of experienced financial managers and advisors in the economic field. Hence, this should not be a cause of alarm for clients.

Best Ways to Store Gold and Precious Metals

So you want to purchase some gold, but you don’t know where to put it? This is a common issue faced by many people looking for the best place to store their precious metals. Gold is heavy and expensive, so how can you be sure that your storage solution will protect your investments?

Luckily, there are plenty of options out there. This article talks about everything from what type of storage unit you should use to different ways in which gold can be stored.

The first thing you need to decide is How to store Gold at Home . There are many different options, but safe deposit boxes and home safes are the most popular.

Types of Storage Units

A Safe Deposit Box

A safe deposit box is a good option if you want your gold to be easily accessible. Most banks offer them, and they’re usually very affordable. The downside is that they can be challenging to access in an emergency situation.

Home Safe

A home safe is a good option if you want to keep your gold out of sight. However, the safe must be bolted down and hidden in order to prevent thieves from stealing it. This makes them less accessible than other options like bank deposit boxes or safety deposit boxes.

A home safe is a better option if you want more security. They’re not as easy to access as a safe deposit box, but they’re still much more convenient than storing your gold at home. Plus, they provide extra protection against theft or fire damage.

Ways of Storage

The next decision you’ll need to make is how to store your gold. There are several different options:

Gold Coins

gold coin

Gold coins can be stored in a safe deposit box or home safe. They’re easy to transport and offer good security.

Gold Bullion Bars

Gold bullion bars are heavier and more difficult to transport. They’re also quite a bit larger than most coins, which means they may not all fit in your storage unit of choice. However, gold bullion bars offer the best security, especially if you have them sealed inside a tamper-proof package or insured by a third party company.

If investing in gold bullion bars is more appealing than coins for some reason, there are still factors you should consider before buying. How easy is it to sell these items when needed? Do you want to know How to Store Gold Offshore? Compared with smaller weights like one-ounce rounds, bars can often be difficult to liquidate. This means they might hold their value better but could cost you money if an emergency sale becomes necessary.

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Also, consider the premiums on bullion bars. How much does a one-ounce bar cost compared to two smaller, lighter ounces? If you are looking at sentimental value and investment potential, weigh this against how easy they will be to sell and transport if needed.

Gold Jewelry

Gold Jewelry can be stored at home or in a safe deposit box or a home safe, depending on its value. These pieces must be appropriately appraised, so they don’t lose their resale value later down the road. Store them with an alternative metals dealer for insurance protection from theft or damage if it is valuable enough.

Whatever option you choose, be sure to read the fine print. Make sure that you understand the terms of your storage agreement and what will happen if you need to access your gold in a hurry.

If you want to store large quantities of gold, you may want to consider investing in a storage facility. These facilities provide high levels of security and are perfect for people who want to store their gold long-term.

Whatever option you choose, make sure that you research the company thoroughly before handing over your money. There are many scams out there, so it’s important to do your homework.

Ways to Sell or Dispose of your Gold

If you’re looking to sell your gold, there are a number of companies that will purchase it from you. However, keep in mind that these companies often pay less than market value for the items they buy.

Investing in Cryptocurrencies

If storing physical gold isn’t an option for you or if it’s simply not enough storage space, consider investing in cryptocurrency instead. Cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin and Ethereum have been skyrocketing over the past few years, which means that anyone who invests today stands to make a lot of money tomorrow. Just be sure to do plenty of research before jumping into anything.


As with any investment, it’s important to remember that there is always some risk involved. No one can predict the future, so make sure you’re comfortable with the risks before investing your hard-earned money.

But if you do your research and take the proper precautions, gold storage can be a safe and lucrative investment for years to come.

All you Need to Know About Insurance and Getting your Gold Stored For You

The first thing to know about gold storage is that the best place for it will depend on how much you have, where you live, and your investment goals. The safe deposit box or vault location may not be local to you. Moreover, there may be fees involved in storing gold, and this varies by provider and size of your storage.

It would be best to verify what is insured and how much can be stored. Gold storage is not insured in most cases, so it’s essential to know the policy of your chosen facility. Ensure that if something happens, what will be covered and how much? You may need enough insurance to cover your costs or just take possession of the gold yourself.


Gold is a valuable investment, so it’s essential to take the necessary precautions when storing it. The critical thing to know about storage is knowing what your options are going into it rather than having expectations that might not hold up in reality or being disappointed later because of poor research beforehand.

Know exactly where you’re storing gold along with any additional fees involved, don’t keep all your eggs in one basket. Please make sure you have an exit strategy should something go wrong so that your investments aren’t lost forever.

How Credit Assistance Network Can Help You Fix Your Credit

Are you in need of credit repair? Many of us unfortunately have caused more harm to our credit reports than we initially realized. And because our poor credit scores are holding us back from getting mortgages, car loans, and rental agreements, it’s time to finally hire a small company that provides personalized credit repair services at an affordable price.

That’s where Credit Assistance Network comes into the picture. They base their overall fees on a per dispute basis, so you aren’t going to pay for services that you don’t need, which is definitely a good thing.

On the other hand, if you happen to have tons of errors on your credit report, paying per fee might get a little expensive for someone in this situation. So, whether or not this company is right for you all depends on your particular credit report error scenario and the kind of help that might be needed from the Credit Assistance Network.

The Major Positives of Hiring Credit Assistance Network to Help with Credit Repair

  • Their services are customized and personalized to meet your needs. This is incredibly important, because as I mentioned above, nobody wants to pay for services that they do not even use. So having the ability to customize and personalize the services you need them to help you with, you’ll have no problem getting one on one attention and lots of great help from this small company that specializes in helping individuals get their credit scores and reports back on track.
  • They provide a free initial consultation to all of their new customers. This is a huge blessing because you may not know whether or not a credit repair service will be able to help you with your particular needs. During the consultation, Credit Assistance Network will look over your situation and provide guidance and advice on how they can help you get your credit repaired and up to snuff. Or, I imagine if they do not know how to help you – which is highly unlikely – they will tell you that they do not have the skills or abilities to help with your particular problem.
  • Educational material to help you learn and understand how the company operates. They have a humongous blog filled with all kinds of info that you can gain access to about credit repair, financial health, and more. Even better, they will tell each and every potential customer precisely how they can help them through these educational materials. This is invaluable because you may want to attempt to repair your credit on your own, and you can learn from their guidance and attempt to process first in case you’re incapable or unprepared to pay for their services.
  • They also provide their customers with a money back guarantee. The great thing about Credit Assistance Network is that they are willing to back up their claims and refund your money if they cannot have an incorrect item removed from your personal credit report in a 90-day period. They are willing to provide a full refund for your initial fee.

As you can see, Credit Assistance Network is definitely a company that you can trust. They are willing to go out of their way to provide customers with a free consultation and they also backup their work with a money back guarantee. So, whenever you contact them, you know that you’re going to get what you pay for or you’ll get your money back, which is definitely nice in this day and age.

The Possible Downsides of Hiring Credit Assistance Network to Help Repair Your Credit Report

  • Service fees can get a little expensive. To get started with Credit Assistance Network, they require new customers to pay a $175 setup fee. And to have blemishes removed from each credit report, they charge $50 per Bureau. So, if you have the same mistake with all three credit bureaus, it will cost $150 to have the mistake removed. For some people, this might be a little too expensive. For others, it’s worth it to pay the money to have better credit and be able to get better interest rates on loans and other goodies that come along with having a high credit score.
  • They do not provide their customers with credit monitoring. Some people feel that because of their service fees, they should include credit monitoring as part of their offering. At this time, Credit Assistance Network does not provide credit monitoring as a service for their customers.
  • They have limited customer reviews online. Some people prefer to only do business with companies that have lots of testimonials and reviews that they can verify. Unfortunately, at this time Credit Assistance Network does not have a ton of reviews with verification.

All in all, if you have the money and you’re willing to pay for money back guaranteed services, it’s definitely in your best interest to give Credit Assistance Network a try. Remember, you have absolutely nothing to lose and everything to gain. Because if they do their job correctly, and they do it well, your credit report and score will improve tremendously by the help and assistance that they offer.

The Main Services Provided by Credit Assistance Network

If you’re interested in checking out Credit Assistance Network, you’ll benefit by learning more about the services they provide. These services include:

  • Credit disputes – if you have a particular dispute that you’d like to file about something on your credit report, you can contact this company and have them fix the dispute on your behalf. They’ll look at your credit report and discover potential errors and then send a letter to the credit bureaus to have them fix these blemishes.
  • Creditor intervention – they will contact your creditors and intervene on your behalf in a number of different areas. Debt validation is one service that they provide which forces the creditor to prove that you owe them a debt legally based on what they reported to the credit bureau.
  • Other add-ons – other services that they provide include identity theft resolution, settlement offer assistance, security clearance assistance, and more.

If you are struggling to fix your credit reports with any or all three of the credit bureaus, you should contact Credit Assistance Network right away to get expert help and service from consummate professionals.